Save on hauling & keep a clean work site

Compactor Service & Repair

Businesses use compactors for a variety of reasons such as maintaining a clean site and ensuring sanitary conditions, but the most common is for cost savings. Compactor services can greatly reduce the volume of your waste, effectively reducing the amount of transportation required for disposal. Our compactor clients have saved up to 50% on hauling and energy costs.

Our selection of compactors are ideal for construction sites, apartment complexes, hotels, shopping malls and supermarkets. We can accommodate recycled materials, metals, food & organic wastes and C&D debris.

Let us manage your compactor needs, prevent unnecessary overflows and potential overweight situations. 

Specialized Design Services

Compactors come in a wide range of styles and sizes. Call our service consultants to help you select the combination best suited to your project needs.

Front load (Vert-I-Pack)Well suited for small spaces
Self-containedBest option for storage of wet waste
StationaryIdeal for large industrial projects

Service Locations

Contact the company nearest you to schedule a consultation.

Capitol Waste & Recycling

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Columbus, OH 43207
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Iron City Express

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Crescent, PA 15046-5407
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On Demand Container

980 Helen Ruth Drive
Covington, KY 41017
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